Legal assistance and advice in Information and Communication Technology law (ICT law) with a national, European and International view.

  • E-commerce,
  • Intellectual property law,
  • Privacy law,
  • Competition law,
  • Electronic communications law,
  • Media law,
  • Fight against cyber criminality,
  • E-government

Our fields of predilection in private law:

  • Commercial, economic (Business law),
  • Persons and goods (Civil law),
  • Labour relations (Labour law and social security law),
  • Contracts (law of obligations)


Business Assistance is a legal consultancy company and a training centre for companies specialized in Organization and Management.

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Business assistance

Our company provides administrative and managerial legal assistance for SME’s and Micro Businesses, allowing them to deliver in a cost efficient and flexible manner, and provide personalized high quality work both in the short as well as the long term.

Business Assistance draws its strength from its multidisciplinary team of experts committed to offering operational and successful solutions that are in line with the instructions and strategy set on agreement with the customer.

"Prevention rather than cure" is the core philosophy when working with amicable conflict management and constructive communication as our main asset.

Besides this aspect, Business Assistance advocates for responsible entrepreneurship, which respects both the individual and the environment.

Added to this is the desire to promote trade and business relations based on fair play, respect for others and social humanism that reconciles management and performance.

Professional code of ethics

Business Assistance is based on the values

shared by all its collaborators, including:

  1. «Being in service rather than in power», not only at the service of collaborators, partners and clients but also the whole of society, humanity.
  2. Respecting deadlines: regular follow up on files, punctuality and attendance are essential to our day-to-day commitment.
  3. Aiming for excellence in any task that we carry out. Motivation, rigor, proactivity and responsibility.
  4. Being creative and flexible in finding solutions.
  5. Defending discretion and confidentiality when handling the cases.
  6. Effective communication that is both transparent as well as sincere.
  7. Sharing opinions and ideas in a sincere and loyal manner.
  8. Fees are fair and equitable. We establish a price that is “adjusted” to the economic situation of the client.
  9. Never charging a customer for one’s lack of expertise.



Our fees are exclusive of VAT.

  • Legal advice: 150.00 €/hour.
  • Managerial Consultancy: 100.00 €/hour.
  • Delegated Administrative Management: 65.00 €/hour.
  • Mediation, transaction, negotiation: 125.00 € /hour.
  • Training courses: variable rate depending on the location, the objective requested, the number of participants, ...

This amount takes into account in particular the complexity of the case, its duration and results.
A minimum amount must still be paid regardless of the outcome of the case or demand.

The percentage reflects the complexity of the case and the amounts involved.
A minimum amount must be paid.

The subscription allows you to use the Business Assistance services for the payment of fees in a lump sum agreed in advance and paid periodically (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually).

Advantages of such a system:

  • You get rapid assistance in the best interest of your business.
  • 6 days a week.
  • You receive all the benefits from an integral and customized service at a lower cost.
  • You pay for services and advice according to your needs while respecting your budget.
  • You know the amount of fees payable in advance.
  • You do not have to resort to hiring specialized staff in the field.

Disbursements :

In addition to the fees, Business Assistance also invoices for the secretarial and travel costs:

  • Typing, correspondence: 10,00 € excluding VAT/ page.
  • Certified letters and postal services: according to current postal pricing.
  • Telephone: Telephone charges are invoiced on the calculation of the duration of the communication times by the hourly rate mentioned above.
  • Travel: travel expenses are charged based on the calculation of the duration of the trip times by the hourly rate mentioned above.

Premium for Consultancy Services :

Isabelle Van Regemoorter is a SPW certified consultant (Public Service of Wallonia) in the Organization and Management fields.

You can be reimbursed for part of the costs that were invoiced to you (maximum of 12,500 € per application).


GDPR Assistance :

Business Assistance offers you its new service « GDPR assistance » in partnership with ODSC ( and MISIS ( and puts at your disposal a GDPR compliance package.

Partnership Agreement :

Prior to any administrative procedure and before making the company statuses, it would be convenient to draft a partnership agreement. This private agreement is complementary to the statuses and sets a framework of collaboration i.e. defining the rights, obligations and commitments between the partners.

Some authors compare the partnership agreement to a «marriage contract» in which the event of divorce is also foreseen!

Indeed, even if everything seems wonderful at the beginning, we must also consider the day in which everything can be negatively affected.

One stop source for international commercial development

Business Assistance is a member of AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export), the Belgium-Luxembourg-Germany Chamber of Commerce (AHK Debelux), CCI FRANCE BELGIUM WALLONIE and preferred partner for companies that wish to set up or develop their business in Belgium

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Premium for consultancy services

Isabelle Van Regemoorter is a certified consultant approved by the SPW (Public Service of Wallonia) in the field of Organization and Management.

You can be reimbursed for part of the cost you are charged (up to 12,500.00 €).

Employer Group: for a more efficient business.

Do you have peak levels of activity? Would you like to retain your part-time employees by offering them full-time employment? Do you dream of having specific skills but do not have the means? There is a solution: share your employees with other companies in the frame of an Employer Group!

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Boost indispensable legal reflexes for the daily rhythm of your company.

Business Assistance offers a legal audit of your company in order to carry out an update of your legal and financial risks, risk management, contract interests… The aim is to avoid conflicts and better protect your business.

Outsourcing: a great advantage for your company

Many companies prefer to focus on their core or traditional activities (their core business) and assign the areas of secondary activities (such as human resources, administration and logistics, technology, legal advice, etc.) to specialized external service providers. Outsourcing is one of the most currently use solutions to attain this aim. It allows you to avoid excessive investments and ensures greater flexibility.

Business Assistance is specialized in legal and administrative outsourcing and is at your disposal for any further information on this subject.

New service for business managers: replacement leaders

In addition to the contractor replacement system established by the Act of April 28th, 2010 that only applies to freelance employees, today Business Assistance SPRL has set up the same system for SMEs (PME) and very mall enterprise (TPE) business managers.

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  • Business Assistance Sprl
    Isabelle Van Regemoorter
  • Legal Advisor
    Certified Mediator authorised by the SPF Justice in Family, Social, Civil and Commercial Fields
    Certified Consulted authorised by the Wallonia Region in the fields of Organization and Management
  • Avenue Ecolys, 2 at 5020 Namur (Suarlée)
    Mobile no : +32.474/324.128
  • TVA BE 0884.703.742
    RPM Namur


  • Amicable recovery of consumer debts SPF Economy,

    Licence 215226

  • Placement agency

    SPW, Operational Directorate General for Economy, Employment and Research

    Registration W.RS.753

  • Certified mediator in SPF Justice,

    Licence 199

  • Certified Consultant in the Field of Organization and Management

    SPW, DG Operations, Department of Economic Development

    Licence 1511-2443-00